Delhi Traffic Police reiterates plan detailing traffic arrangements; clears the air on Delhi Metro closure

5 September, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

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In preparation for the highly anticipated G20 Summit set to take place in New Delhi, the city’s Traffic Police have released a comprehensive plan detailing traffic arrangements and restrictio...

In preparation for the highly anticipated G20 Summit set to take place in New Delhi, the city’s Traffic Police have released a comprehensive plan detailing traffic arrangements and restrictions during the event. With the G20 Summit being a major international gathering, these measures are essential to ensure the smooth flow of delegates, dignitaries, and attendees while minimizing disruptions to the daily lives of the city’s residents.

The Delhi Traffic Police announced that during the G20 Summit, the essential services, including postal services, pathology labs, and kitchen services, will continue to operate without interruption. This decision aims to ensure that vital medical and logistical needs are met efficiently. However, deliveries during the summit will be limited to medical supplies only. Services like Amazon, Swiggy, and Zomato will not be allowed to make deliveries within the restricted areas. This measure is implemented to prevent congestion and maintain a secure environment for summit activities.

To further alleviate traffic congestion in the heart of New Delhi, the Traffic Police will impose restrictions on commercial vehicles. This will help keep the roads clear for summit-related transportation and ensure the safety of all participants.

For individuals traveling to New Delhi during the G20 Summit, special provisions have been made to facilitate their movements. Those with valid railway tickets or three-wheeler autorickshaw boarding passes will be allowed to use taxis for transportation within the city.

Closure of Metro Stations Withdrawn

The Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) SS Yadav also clarified reports regarding the Delhi Metro closure. “There has been no modification with regards to Delhi Metro services except for Supreme Court, which is the Pragati Maidan Metro Station.” He further added that to accommodate the movement of summit participants and ensure their security, the Pragati Maidan metro station will be shut for the entirety of G20 Summit. However, other metro stations in the city will remain open for regular commuters. These temporary closures are a necessary part of the security measures in place. “It is possible that some delay could be there during certain times due to movement,” he added.

Central Delhi will experience the most significant impact on the 10th September, coinciding with the summit’s schedule. Residents and commuters in this area are encouraged to plan their activities accordingly.

Staying in hotels within New Delhi will be permitted for those who possess valid booking proof, the Traffic Police have granted special permissions. Guests with valid bookings will be allowed to use cabs for their transportation needs, helping to ensure a seamless experience during their stay.

The Delhi Police has also urged the public to use metro including summit attendees and residents as their primary mode of transportation whenever possible, to reduce traffic congestion. The efficient metro network will play a crucial role in accommodating the increased demand for transportation during the summit.

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