Delhi Violence: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan predicts Muslim radicalisation after Delhi 2020

29 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Delhi Violence: Pakistan Prime Minister on Saturday gave a ridiculous comment over the Delhi Violence, he blamed Delhi Police and RSS for the carnage of Muslims in the National capital of India.

Delhi Violence: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday reacted  to the violence in India’s capital by issuing a statement which can be a provocation for Indian Muslims. Imran Khan said on Twitter that in Delhi carnage of Muslims, state-sponsored terror through police and RSS gangs will lead to the radicalisation of the 200 million Indian Muslims just as the Kashmiri youth have been radicalized through the oppression of Indian forces and deaths of almost 100,000 Kashmiris.
The Pakistan Prime Minister also shared the photos from the streets of the national capital where Muslims can be seen injured and their homes were burnt. Imran Khan tried to target the Indian Muslims so that he could intervene in the opportunity. Earlier, the Pakistani media showed on their national television that India’s claim of being secular has been exposed to the world. Pakistan media had done extensive coverage on the Delhi violence.
Imran Khan on Thursday also tweeted that no Pakistani will harm the minorities, he wrote if anyone would try to harm the minorities or would try to destroy their religious places, strict action will be taken against the culprits. He particularly quoted non-muslim communities and said they should not face any threat in Pakistan.
Indian users on Twitter wrote against Pakistan Prime Minister and asked him not to intervene in the matters of India. One of the Indian Muslim users wrote, the situation in Delhi is not good but it doesn’t mean India needs lessons from Imran Khan, and they will tackle the situation. “We, Muslims, know how to fight constitutionally the word radicalization doesn’t work on us. We will fight all the evils on Gandhi’s non-violence,” the user said.