Thursday, November 30, 2023

Dengue cases likely to rise in Delhi next week amid downpour

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Health experts predict an increase in dengue cases in Delhi over the next couple of weeks as the national capital and its surrounding territories continue to experience an extended period of mild to moderate rain that has resulted in serious waterlogging in numerous districts of the city.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital’s Senior Consultant for Internal Medicine, Dr. Suranjit Chatterjee, said, “In the next weeks, the number of dengue infections may increase because it is raining in Delhi. The cases we have seen so far aren’t serious and don’t need intensive treatment. Case management is aided by early diagnosis.”

Dr. Chatterjee also recommended wearing long sleeves and checking that there was no standing water or waterlogging in the area around the home.

According to MCD data, the national capital has so far registered 396 cases of dengue this year.

There have been 152 dengue cases reported as of September 17 alone, compared to 75 instances reported for the entire month of August.

It is also the most dengue cases have been reported between January 1 and September 17 than it was in 2017, when there were 1,465.

On the other hand, no fatalities linked to the illness have been noted so far this year.

There have also been reports of 92 cases of malaria and 17 cases of chikungunya.

43 instances of malaria and 3 cases of chikungunya were documented in the month of September, the MCD says.

Earlier in June 32 dengue cases were reported in the national capital.

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