Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Shocking Murder of Female Deputy Director Rocks Karnataka’s Geology Department

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In a startling turn of events, an unidentified group of individuals has tragically ended the life of a female government official in Karnataka. The victim, identified as K S Pratima, a 43-year-old senior geologist employed with the Mines and Geology Department, was found deceased at her Bengaluru residence, as reported by news agency PTI.
The incident, discovered on Sunday morning, transpired in Kuvempu Nagar, Doddakallasandra, where the victim resided with her son in a rented residence on the first floor of a building. Law enforcement authorities suspect that the crime took place late on Saturday night, shortly after her return home. The attackers reportedly strangled her before inflicting a fatal throat injury, as stated by officials. A senior officer revealed that the victim’s brother had attempted to contact her on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning, but receiving no response, he decided to visit her. Upon his arrival, he discovered the lifeless body. The authorities have also examined the CCTV footage from the road’s entrance as part of their investigation. “She has been living there for eight years and she was living with her son. This is a rented house. She was doing well with everyone, there were no problems with anyone,” said Suresh, a neighbor of the victim. Rahul Kumar Shahapurwad, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for Bengaluru South, addressed the media and provided the following information: “As is her routine, Pratima returned home at around 8 pm on Saturday. When she didn’t answer her phone calls on both Saturday night and Sunday morning, her elder brother went to her residence to check on her and tragically discovered her lifeless body. He promptly notified the police.”
“Forensic and technical teams are actively engaged at the crime scene. We’ve established three dedicated teams to conduct a thorough investigation. We will release additional details once we have a clear understanding of the circumstances,” he emphasized. He also noted that no jewelry or valuable items were reported stolen from her residence. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah also assured an inquiry into the incident, saying, “I just got to know about it. We will inquire into it. It seems that she was staying alone (in Bengaluru), while her husband was in his native village. The reason is not yet known, we will inquire into it.”

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