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Know the reason behind buying broom on Dhanteras

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The eve of Dhanteras is often referred to as Dhantrayodashi. The lucky event is commemorated this time for two days, October 22 and October 23. During Dhanteras, people purchase new and expensive items, it is believed that this brings luck and wealth.

This day is often observed two days before Diwali. It is said to be an auspicious day for purchasing gold and silver jewellery, utensils, and even gadgets in an effort to welcome Kubera and Lakshmi, who in Hindu mythology is referred for riches and success. Along with jewellery and tools, individuals also purchase brooms. On this day, purchasing a broom is lucky.

Buying a broom is thought to prevent Goddess Lakshmi from leaving one’s residence. On Dhanteras, bringing a broom home is also believed to help one eliminate all debts and bring pleasure and wealth. Every household uses brooms frequently to keep the house tidy. Goddess Lakshmi is said to be drawn to cleanliness. This is the reason why buying brooms on Dhanteras is lucky.

An important Hindu event called Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali celebration. However, Dhanteras symbolises riches and prosperity.

Dhanteras is a combination of terms “Dhan” and “Teras.” The thirteenth day is symbolised by Teras, while Dhan stands for wealth. This day is also known as Dhanatrayodashi, serves as the official beginning of the five-day Diwali festival.

It is said that on this day Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean of milk during the Samundra Manthan, or sea churning. People buy things made of brass, silver, and gold on this day because it’s said that doing so would bring luck, success, and protection from the evil eye. Along with Lord Kubera, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are adored.

Drik Panchang asserts that there is an appointed period for buying idols and precious metals. The best time to purchase gold and silver is between October 22 at 6:02 p.m. and October 23 at 6:27 p.m.

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