Wednesday, December 6, 2023

‘Didn’t expect that it will explode like this’: Yashraj Mukhate on his first viral song

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Yashraj Mukhate, who took the Internet by a storm with his funny and unique renditions, joined NewsX for a candid chat as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the exclusive conversation, the music composer spoke about his first viral video, journey so far and much more.

Speaking about his journey so far and the first video that made him viral, Yashraj said, “I have been doing music production since last 6-7 years. Before that, I was doing my engineering. As soon as I finished my engineering, I started doing music production. Initially, I started doing for others then I started making my own songs and then I started putting content online. That’s how it started. In the lockdown of 2020, I put out another video, which was a dialogue mash up of a dialogue that I had seen on TV and on the Internet. That kind of became viral. That video was ‘Rasode Me Kaun Tha’. I added beats to that and that was in 2020.”

When asked how did the thought of making a mash up of a dialogue strike him, Yashraj responded, “It wasn’t a very well thought. I did not think it that much. It was very instinctive. I saw that too much overacting was happening in that scene. The way they were speaking was very rhythmic. It was just one of my experiments. I had done videos like that before as well. I always used to get more number of views on those compared to my original songs or the other covers that I made. I knew people like this. Two videos that I had put right before that video had done really good. People had already started sharing those videos. They were all below 50 seconds. Since Instagram limitations were also there, I used to make sure that my content is small so that people consume it immediately and then share it with their friends. These little things I had in my mind.”

He added, “In this one particular video, I thought the way they are speaking is very interesting and I just started jamming on my software with the dialogue and it came out really nice. I put it out and I did not expect that it will explode like this but I fit in the algorithm and people liked it. Even the characters in the video, people had already seen it on tv so it was already very familiar and they thought that it was something very fresh. I did not expect that people will find it funny. I thought people will find it entertaining because I musically had made it in a way that it should sound like a song. If you see the video also, it is just 50 seconds. It’s very short but there is an intro, then there is a verse then there is a bridge and there is a proper chorus. I treated it as a song. People liked it, people were laughing, then they made memes. Celebrities were commenting on it and it was great.”

Check out the entire interview on NewsX YouTube:

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