Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Director OkShravan hits big with his recent released song ‘Maashuk’ starring Niharika Tiwari and Bhabin Bhanushali

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A director is someone who makes sure that when a song is being made, it is at its best quality and as good as it can be presented in front of public. In addition, he will make sure that a song is well gathered and even gives the artist advice on what to change in their performance. A director understands everything in the studio and combining all aspects of the music, video, executions etc.; in fact, they are also good at audiences perspective of looking at a video and more. OkShravan is one such name in the Bollywood industry who has given it all and has made wonders with his projects.

He believes that loving directing is more than just liking it, it’s a passion if you like making videos. For OkShravan direction is what he goes to when he’s wanting to making something big. It helps him get things sorted in his mind and works best with his profession. What he likes about direction it can distract you from other bad things. This is also a good fit for him he believes because he works for himself and for the audience and aims to deliver the best of the best hits. He has achieved a commendable name in the music industry and his songs have turned out to be massive hits of today’s time. He is one of the number one directors in the film industry today.

He is a true inspiration for the people who would like to persuade their careers in this field. Guiding them and creating a benchmark for direction in the industry. His song ‘Maashuk’ has received lauding casting Niharika Tiwari and Bhasin Bhanushali. It is considered to be ruling charts and how. OkShravan has got appreciation on his direction for this project. He is currently working on other projects too which he will be revealing about soon this year.

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