Divya Drishti: Guruji’s identity revealed, family gets a shock

24 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Divya Drishti Entertainment

Divya Drishti tells Mahima I don't deserve to b mother because she tried to kill her own son, and Guruji's identity gets reveale and family get a shock.

In the latest episode of Divya Drishti, you people must have enjoyed the show the story is about two sisters who have supernatural powers, in the latest episodes she is expressing her thought to her sister Mahima that she does not deserve to be a mother because she tried to kill her own son. Kaal Devta tries to attack Shekhar and meanwhile she Divya carries babies to next room, she thinks Drishti or Shekhar will harm Mahima, Pishachini stabs Mahima with sword and turn them into ashes

Divya and Shekhar come with babies and Divya tells everyone about the Kaal Devta,, and Pischachini in the Davi. Kaal Devta is with Kaal Ratna Vijay with him, Pishachini made a circle and of fire and put everyone into that but Drishti realizes that it was her vision that Pishachini puts them into the fire but she realizes and pushes everyone from the fire, then she tells Shergils what is her vision.

Shergill’s leave the house and joins the Lord Shivaji’s aarti. The Kaal Devta shows his face Pishachini and learns that Guruji has locked Kaal Devta for years. Drishti tells her family Pishachini and Kaal Devta will come to Shiv temple with three precious ratnas.

Drishti tells Panditji to make everyone leave the house because she sees in her vision that something bad is happening and tells them to b around Lord shiva temple, The precious stone creates a big blast but Divya, Drishti, and her babies are safe. Ratnas have destroyed their powers and Maha Ratna came out from the lake.

Guruji attacks Rakhshit , Shekhar , Divya and Drishti, Rakshit stabs another trishul in Guruji’s stomach and he disappears