DJ Tanishq a.k.a Tanishq Gaikwad, the guy who took India by storm by his International label debut ON Hexagon Records by Don Diablo

4 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

DJ Tanishq Entertainment

DJ Tanishq A.K.A Tanishq Gaikwad is just 23 years old and hails from the city of oranges Nagpur. Touted as the next big Star in EDM world, he is currently making his way on Hexagon Records by Don D...

India’s talents Tanishq, Swatkat and Stich make their debut on Don Diablo’s Generation HEX imprint with a funky house track called, “DONT SAY GOODBYE”. TANISHQ A.K.A Tanishq Gaikwad, the 23-year-old from the city of oranges Nagpur, makes his way on Hexagon Records by Don Diablo.

About the track: – 

“DONT SAY GOODBYE” is a funky house oriented electronic track which sets your mood to get the dance floor to you, no matter where you are. TANISHQ has been majorly into electronic/pop genres.

With this release, he becomes the first Indian to release music on Hexagon Records. DON DIABLO shared his music on his radio show on a special premiere. The track has been getting a lot of attention on Instagram Reels, stories and posts of his fans and lot of big Artists and IG accounts.

It is certain DJ Tanishq is the next big Star in EDM World. With the kind of concerts and festivals at which he is playing, it looks like a kid playing in his playground. This track will make you dance, no matter where you are.

STREAM the Track HERE :