Tuesday, November 28, 2023

‘Don’t follow trends’: Designer Gauri Khan advices women

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Designer Gauri Khan recently sat down for an exclusive chat with NewsX for its special segment NewsX A-list, wherein she spoke about Zoya’s latest collection Rooted, her personal style, advice to women to look effortlessly stylish and her upcoming book.

Gauri Khan, who was present at the launch of Zoya’s Rooted Collection, shared “The collection is inspired by rainforest that have stood the test of time and it reflects the inner strength of women. It celebrates the inward journey of the Zoya woman as she connects back to her feminine self. We have never seen anything like this crisis before and inner strength has never been more relevant. So definitely, it is a very apt theme.”

When asked about the biggest challenge she has faced till date and how did she remain rooted through all of it, Gauri said, “I have always enjoyed art and being creative. Taking it to the next level and giving it a more professional touch, starting a new business, starting small and growing big was very exciting but it was a hard one. I needed lot of support from my family and I was fortunate that I got that. Whether it was Shah Rukh or the kids, they supported me and that was really important for me. I think of all of them came together and set up this beautiful store for me and there was no looking back.

Sharing how good jewellery can add to a person’s look, Gauri said, ”Any look can be dressed up with a piece of jewellery. In Zoya’s new collection, I can see a lot of versatile pieces. Even if you are in a denim shirt or a pair of trousers, you can dress it up with just a bracelet or a neckpiece, which is modern and contemporary. I think jewellery completes a look.”

On being asked if she has any special jewellery that she have inherited from her mother or her grandmother, Gauri said, “My grandmother left me a beautiful ring. While growing up, it was my dream to have that ring. It has these fun colours and it was larger than life for me and I cherish that ring even today.”

In the conversation, Gauri revealed that her daughter Suhana is more of jewellery than her. “She loves jewellery, even more than me. For her, it is all about the trinkets, necklaces and bracelets. She loves putting them all together and is constantly searching for jewellery pieces which she can wear casually as well for a party.”

What inspires Gauri for her creativity? She responds, “Inspiration is everywhere. It is where and how you see it. For example, just seeing Zoya’s collection, how they have used colours and how they have done the whole presentation. There is so much inspiration you can get from design. It could be from a jewellery design, art, travel so it’s everywhere. You have to pick and choose.”

NewsX further asked Gauri to share her style mantra and whether she gives any style to Shah Rukh Khan. To which she responded,” I am super casual. I like to be comfortable. Comfort before style is very important. Those tight corset days are done and dusted.” Shah Rukh Khan, on the other hand, “has his classic colours- Black, Grey, White. If you give him an extra touch of colour, he runs away and he likes to be just classic.” Gauri jokingly added, “I don’t get a chance to give him too many tips.”

Her advice to women who want to look good effortlessly is, “Nobody should follow trends. They have to be comfortable in what they are wearing and it should suit them. It also depends on what size you are. You cannot try and fit into a size zero. You should not. You have to be comfortable, easy and you can always add a little glamour to what you are wearing with a piece of jewellery.”

Gauri Khan would also be penning a book soon. On turning an author, Gauri said, “I would say the book would entail my journey as a designer where it will be all about my interiors with loads of images of my projects and it is for people who love design and who are interested in design.”

Finally, encapsulating her lockdown lessons, Gauri said, “You have to remain creative, spend time with your family, stay rooted and have inner strength.”

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