Double Murder Case in Bengaluru As Ex-Employees Kills CEO And Managing Director

12 July, 2023 | Anamika Singh Parihar

Bengaluru National

CEO and Managing Director have been killed by Ex- Colleague in Bengaluru

All three accused in the murder of the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of a tech firm have been arrested by Bengaluru police. The accused have been identified as Vinay Reddy, Santosh, and Shabarish were the Ex. A colleague of the CEO and the MD of the Bengaluru-based firm.
The accused had a rivalry with the CEO and MD and they used to work in the previous company, according to the police.

Victim Phanindra Subramanya was the MD and the Vinu Kumar was the CEO of Aeronics Internet Company. This tech Company dealt with internet providing services. They were killed on Tuesday, July 11.
According to the sources, the primary suspect in the murder is the Shabarish who called himselJokerer Felix. He had deep grudges against Phanindra, who had earlier criticized his industry practices.

According to the police, the incident occurred around 4 p.m. when the suspect armed with swords and daggers entered the office and attacked Mr. Subramanya and Mr. Kumar in the presence of ten employees and fled from the spot via the backdoor. Both of the victims were shifted to a nearby private hospital by office staff where they succumbed to death.

Laxmi Prasad, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North East Provision), said four special teams have been formed to track down the accused. It is yet to establish the reason behind the horrific murder. But the police speculate business rivalry could be one of the reasons for the murder. He said police are recording the statement of the witnesses to clarify the involvement of others in the murder and also find the reason behind the murder.