Dr Kislay Panday: India’s Top Veteran of Forensic Audit

16 October, 2020 | newsx bureau

Dr Kislay Panday Business

Dr Kislay Panday, a well renowned Solicitor of Supreme Court of India, has previously made headlines by exposing scams and surreptitious financial discrepancies that pose a danger to the stakes of ...

Blatant scams and surreptitious financial discrepancies pose a danger to the stakes of industrial sectors. At times gigantic monetary frauds have even rattled national stock exchanges jeopardising economic growth. Specialised skills are a prerequisite for the monumental challenge of tracing the trail and unearthing deceptively innocent-looking menace of fiscal irregularities. A well renowned Solicitor of Supreme Court of India, Dr Kislay Panday’s keen legal mastery in forensic investigations have made headlines exposing such shams and getting strong court verdicts against them.

 “When it comes to financial transactions, it’s all about forensic investigation,” says Dr Kislay Panday, who has proved beyond doubt that he is one of his kind. He is a tough challenger against murky wrong-doers in monetary irregularities. The credit to book such offenders in the court of law goes to his thorough knowledge in forensic investigation, which has become an absolute must with increasing cases of financial frauds happening. Such an existing scenario calls for a bigger role of forensic investigation when it comes to examining doubtful money transfers as it’s the only scientific methodology to trace the very root of all transactions. His matchless expertise in forensic audit makes him the best in his field and also the most sought after.

For the layman the legal forensic jargon is incomprehensible. So, putting it simply Dr Kislay Panday says, “Every financial exchange between two or more parties are governed by many laws. And if any transaction violates any or all the laws than its an act of crime under the eyes of the law. For example, if any public limited company undertakes the related party transactions but suppress it in any of its submissions to the regulatory body under reference, then its not just a company violation, but they together also flout a host of provisions such as Indian Penal Code, Prevention of Corruption Act, Money Laundering Act, SEBI Act, Income Tax and so on and so forth. All you need is to undertake a deep study and gather the legally admissible evidences.” Dr Panday further adds that “in the matters of DHFL, YES Bank and others, the transactions were seen to be prima facie, but when upon the request of the client I started my legal investigations and thoroughly examined each step of chain of payment disbursal from one party to another, to my utter shock I found a bunch of sham activists. This is also called siphoning of money and I also found numerous Criminal Purpose Vehicles in play.” Interestingly, the term Criminal Purpose Vehicle is coined by the ingenious Dr Panday, which refers to those entities incorporated to accomplish illegal acts under the garb of corporate and official transactions.

Interestingly, if one takes into account the cases that Dr Kislay Panday has fought for misappropriation of money, the opponents have been the high and mighty flexing with muscle and money power. A situation not many would want to stick their neck into as it calls for rubbing them the wrong way. The enigmatic Dr Panday has daringly grappled with them in the legal arena knocking them off their feet with his versatile knowledge in various legal disciplines. But yes, at times it has been very frustrating emotionally and mentally. His unflagging spirit, family values and blessings, strengthen the resoluteness of this young crusader in his mission to stand-up against the guilty whatever may be the price he to pay. For one who lives by the spiritual discourse of Lord Krishna as in the Geeta, Dr Kislay Panday’s battle with the sinners is of epic proportion.