Monday, December 11, 2023

Water Sustainability Advocate Dr. Subramanya Kusnur Receives President’s Medallion from President Joseph

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On a momentous occasion at the launch of the US India SME Council – Mumbai on November 2, 2023, Dr. Subramanya Kusnur was honored with the prestigious President’s Medallion of the United States of America by President Joseph R Biden. The medallion was presented by Mr. Elisha Pulivarti, CEO of the US India SME Council, in recognition of Dr. Kusnur’s unwavering commitment to water sustainability and selfless service to mankind.

The event, graced by Hon’ble Marc Elrich, Montgomery Country Executive, Maryland, USA, witnessed dignitaries from the US Consulate in Mumbai. Dr. Kusnur’s exceptional dedication to water sustainability earned him a rare distinction as an Indian to receive such prestigious recognition from the United States.

Dr. Kusnur expressed his overwhelming emotions about the honor, emphasizing that it further fuels his resolve to democratize access to clean drinking water worldwide and make the world water-positive. His mission aligns with global efforts to address water scarcity and promote sustainable practices.

The President’s Medallion is a testament to Dr. Kusnur’s outstanding contributions to the field of water sustainability. With a career dedicated to environmental causes, he has emerged as a prominent advocate for ensuring everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water.

Mr. Elisha Pulivarti, in presenting the medallion, lauded Dr. Kusnur’s exemplary service and commitment, acknowledging the positive impact his initiatives have had on communities around the world. The ceremony was attended by a diverse audience, reflecting the global significance of Dr. Kusnur’s work.

As news of this honor spreads, Dr. Subramanya Kusnur’s achievement stands as an inspiration for individuals and organizations working towards environmental sustainability. The recognition from President Biden affirms the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing pressing global challenges.

Dr. Kusnur’s journey from a dedicated advocate to a recipient of the President’s Medallion underscores the power of individual commitment in creating a positive impact on a global scale. His vision to make the world water-positive reflects a shared responsibility to safeguard our planet’s most vital resource.

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