‘Dream big and just follow your heart’: Dr Leena S, Founder, The Nail Artistry

16 October, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Dr Leena S A List

The founder of 'The Nail Artistry', Dr Leena S joined NewsX for an exclusive interview in its special segment NewsX A-List and shared her success journey and future plans.

Dr Leena S, founder of The Nail Artistry sat with NewsX for an exclusive chat in its special segment called NewsX A-List.  Dr S was born and raised in Dubai, she’s a global citizen, a dentist from the Oxford dentist college who found a calling and a dream of founding ‘The Nail Artistry.’

The nail artistry offers predominantly luxurious nail services and other beauty services which have become popular. They have the best beauty products from brands like Balmain and Nashi Argan. They have the highest protocols when it comes to sterilization procedures. Leena has gone ahead and created this mega-brand by the name of The Nail Artistry, it is the most luxurious nail salon across the country.

Talking about how Dr Leena created this brand, she said, “Well, the entire credit of the nail artistry would go to my husband. Well, this story behind it. We were settled in Mumbai. And we have to, you know travel to Cochin for my treatment. And so when I came to Cochin there was no place where I could get my nail services done. And for me to get that done, I had to always travel to Mumbai because I was very regular to different nail salons in Mumbai. So finally, my husband came up with this idea that why don’t you start one salon in Cochin, but I was a little sceptical about it, considering the fact I was not very sure how the people would accept it. But I’m very, very happy today that I really started the nail salon and very elated about it because my husband was like it’s okay, if nobody comes to the salon, you can sit yourself and get yourself pampered. That gave me the confidence to go ahead and build the so called ‘The Nail Artistry.”

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Dr S was studying dentistry, to going ahead and being a successful model and she is now running this highly successful chain, which is a lot of franchisees. She said, “Well, you know, I did my 12 grade in Dubai as I was born and brought up there and I came down to Bangalore to do my bachelor’s in dental surgery. So I had no experience in business whatsoever. I have always had an inclination towards the performing arts and classical dance and always influenced by the Bollywood and Malayalam cinema. So after a short stint in Malayalam movies and doing a couple of ads, I got married, but I guess so destiny got me to don the mantle of women entrepreneurs, today I’m totally enjoying it. And I guess I’m totally elated about The Nail Artistry and I’m very, very happy about it.”

When asked about the speciality of her brand, Dr Leena said, “In Cochin, when we started off we had very nail specific services. Like we have the extensions, the 3D nail art, gel polishes. Apart from eyelash extensions and also microblading, and also we provide world-class pedicure and manicure.”

Dr Leena further said, “But when we started in Chennai, we also have the hair-related services using the world’s best products like Balmain and Nashi and all that and so on. Apart from the microblading and everything. So our USP I would say is probably our sterilization process, which is called the autoclave sterilization, which is generally seen in hospitals and dental clinics, which is not generally used many of the nail fellows. And I would say that all our clients vouch on our services and hospitality because this is very, very safe with us. And apart from this, we have individual iPads and air pods given to each and every client who sits in our hair or nails or, and they enjoy currently, given the range of movies and Netflix and Amazon. Each client is treated like royalty at the nail artistry.”

When The Nail Artistry was first opened, it was very nail-specific, but now they were expanding in Cochin with hair and waxing services as well so that their clients in Cochin could enjoy the luxury. Dr Leena S dreams to build one salon in each major city of India in the next 5 years. “I’m hoping to accomplish this”,  she said.

Dr S says that it was his husband who stood by her in all her phases. According to her, “Its my husband who stood by me through all my failures and success, I would say, I mean, if it is not for him, I wouldn’t be where I am. And I’m eternally grateful for how he has always given me the confidence and always been optimistic at every failure of mine and on obviously not to mention my mother and sister who always stood by me through my failures.”

The Nail Artistry has registered many awards in its name. As Dr Leena S said, “Well, in a short span of time, we have received a lot of awards, you know, for the best luxurious new salon. I’m extremely honoured for this recognition. And I’m looking forward to getting a couple of more of them in the future.”

Addressing the coronavirus pandemic, Dr Leena said, “We are living in a very challenging time as of now and being a salon owner it is very imperative for me to maintain the best hygiene in the salon for the betterment of my staff as well as of the client. So, you know every day probably like every alternate day fumigation and disinfection is something which we strictly follow. And apart from that, as I mentioned before, autoclave sterilization is one thing our customers would vouch for and gives them the confidence they can come to the salon again and again because each instrument is being autoclave sterilized and packaged in individual pouches so that there is no reason for them to worry.

Dr S further said, “All our staff has been given disposable PPE kits and all the necessary precautions have been given. Apart from this every customer who walks in, obviously we take only by appointments every customer who walks in, we give them an individual mask a sanitizer and gloves so that they feel very, very safe with us. So that there’s no reason they need to worry.”

Dr Leena S shared a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs, she said, “I would just say dream big, and just follow your heart and do not lose the grip and confidence. Because if you want to follow your heart and dream big and you have the persuasion, trust me your dreams can be achieved.”

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