‘Allahu Akbar’ Chants Heard as Mob Launches Violent Protest Outside Durga Bhawan Temple in Smethwick, UK

21 September, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

'Allahu Akbar' Chants Heard as Mob Launches Violent Protest Outside Durga Bhawan Temple in Smethwick, UK

On Tuesday night, rowdy demonstrators started a violent rally in front of the Durga Bhawan temple in Smethwick, England. The demonstration outside the temple raised concerns among the local populations about their safety as they feared similar violence to that which occurred in Leicester in the Midlands.

Hindus living in the Midlands are worried about their safety in the wake of the violent protest outside the temple.

Bottles were thrown towards the Durga Bhawan temple’s grounds during the unruly demonstration, which was taking place there. Additionally, the rowdy protesters threw insults and threats at the temple employees.

Additionally, the disorderly mob members set crackers on fire and tossed them into the temple.

One aggressive protester who attempted to get over the temple barrier and inside was repelled by police.

They were opposing a visit from Sadhvi Ritambhara, the creator of Vatsalyagram and Param Shakti Peeth.
A temple member reportedly begged the boisterous demonstrators to restore peace, but to no effect, according to sources. Later, police forces stepped in to restore order and reroute the disorderly demonstrators.
The rowdy group of protestors also declared that they would not permit Hindu leaders to visit any location in the UK and vowed to stage parallel demonstrations in front of other temples there.
Wasiq Wasiq, a writer and commentator for the Henry Jackson Society who has previously spoken out against antisemitism and Muslim attacks on Hindus, posted a series of videos on Twitter showing the riotous throng walking toward the Durga Bhawan Temple in Smethwick.
The footage showed a large number of irate protesters—Wasiq categorises them as Muslim youth—trying to scale the Durga Bhawan Temple wall, which was previously covered by sources. There were also Taqbir and Allahu Akbar chants heard outside the Smethwick temple.