New Delhi: Delhi University is contemplating making Hindi a compulsory subject to undertake for all Indian students. Colleges have been told to start teaching Hindi to all “Indian students” which literally means that North-East and Jammu and Kashmir students will be put in the same fray.

The department has told the university to teach Hindi course to students who have not studied it will Class 8 so that they can pass the Compulsory Test in Hindi (CTH).

North-East students who are studying in Delhi University are fuming over the decision taken by the department. But if the university makes it a compulsory obligation for every student to fulfil, this controversial decision could soon be imposed.

“Students from Jammu and Kashmir, the northeastern states and foreign students were exempt from clearing the CTH, but the minutes of the AC meeting don’t mention them,” says AC-member Rudrashish Chakraborty.

This move is being interpreted as another form of discrimination by the NEFIS (North-East Forum for International Solidarity who is threatening to launch protests if the decision is imposed.

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