It is that time of the year when students all across the country are anxious about the phase of their lives that they are about to enter.

In their conquest to strive for a niche, students end up stressing themselves to the extent that they mess up their lives.

With the massive surge in cut off percentage in the recent years students these days dream of percentage no less than 90.

Well, I know it is easy from my end to say you students to remain stress free on your result day but if I myself think about my d day it freaks me out even today. Feeling stressed about results is very normal but you should also remember that stressing out yourself will not help you as the outcome cannot be changed. With the submission of your answer paper your fate has already been decided.

Here are a few ways to de-stress yourselves:

  1. Stay calm and let go: As things can’t be changed so stressing out yourselves about the situation won’t work. Therefore keep calm and let go.


  1. Spend time alone and think positive: Keep everything aside and sit ideally think about day when your results will be declared. Imagine you checking the result and jumping in joy. This idea will surely give you positivity and peace of mind.


  1. Exercise: Take a brisk walk or jog. Consider swimming. Exercising is not only helpful for your physical health; it also can reduce stress. Doing some form of low to moderate intensity exercise can reduce fatigue, improve alertness and concentration, and enhance overall cognitive function.


  1. Food: Although people suggests that during this period you should have healthy food, but I would suggest you to go for something tasty and interesting. Having too much of health conscious food might land you in depression so go ahead and have something that you genuinely like.


  1. Avoid over thinking: Try to avoid over thinking and revising the answers you have written in the examination. As I have already mentioned earlier your answer paper has already decided your fate so chill and keep yourselves engrossed with positive thoughts.


  1. Visit good friends: Try and visit friends who will encourage you and give you good idea to strive for excellence in your future. Have fun, do some creative activity and go for outings these activities can keep your mind off the exam stress.

 Hope these steps help you de-stress yourselves and head towards a better future.

 We the entire team of NewsX wish you good luck for your results and future.