In a fresh ruling passed by the Madras High Court, the singing of the national song — Vande Mataram has been made compulsory in schools, colleges, government offices, private institutions in Tamil Nadu.

In the ruling passed, the Court said that while schools must sing it once a week (Monday or Friday), while the offices must sing it once a month, Justice M V Muralidharan said.

Commenting on the language problems, Justice Muralidharan said that the song can be at least sung once a month: “If people feel it is difficult to sing the song in Bengali or in Sanskrit, steps can be taken to translate the song in Tamil.”

However taking a step in the language barrier issue, the judge asserted that any person or organisation facing any trouble in singing or playing the song should not be forced to sing it.

The issue was highlighted following K Veeramani’s plea that he filed after failing to clear the written test for the post of BT Assistant as he answered that the song was written in Bengali.

Meanwhile opposing the petitioner, the Government Pleader contended that the song was originally written in Sanskrit and was later translated in Bengali.

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