On Wednesday, the Union cabinet altered one of the most important aspects of Right to Education Act of 2009, by scrapping the no detention policy in schools. The previous policy had stated that no student must be held back for failing academics from class 1 to 8.

The new alteration came in after the previous policy had drawn criticism from the academic all sectors over the years. The policy was being tagged as one of the major reasons of inefficiency among the children at tender age.

The experts had also asserted that the previous policy was lowering the competitive spirit among children. The bill will now be presented at the Parliament.

Under previous policy, the students were automatically promoted to the next class, till class 8, despite of poor academic performance. The policy which came into force on April 1, 2010 is the main component of RTE Act.

In wake of scrapping of ‘no detention policy’, the HRD Ministry is also expected to bring in a policy replacing the no-detention rule.

Earlier, Education Minister of Maharashtra, Vinod Tawde, had suggested an idea of conduction supplementary examinations for students who fail in first exams so that they get an extra chance to qualify for next class.

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