In a big boon to thousands of engineering aspirants across the country, Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) might increase their student intake by at least 1,000 for the next academic session. Also, special seat criteria for females will also be incorporated next year where a fixed number of seats will be reserved for the females across the existing and upcoming IITs.

The current number of seats in 23 IITs across India is 10,998 and by next year, the Human Resource Ministry (HRD) is targeting to take that number to a close 12,000. The additional allocation of seats will largely come from the new IIT establishments which are currently under construction but will be operational by 2018. Also, there will be a marginal addition to the existing seats at premier institutions located in Delhi, Kharagpur and Mumbai.

A huge number of applicants get sidelined annually while trying to crack their way into IITs and the increased number of vacancies will come as a big relief. According to an HRD official, the 1,000 new seats will come from several new state-of-art institutes that are being built at Ropar, Indore, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Jodhpur, Mandi and Bhubaneshwar.

It was only this year when many IITs increased their set number of seats by 400. While in terms of seats allotted to women, some 600 seats were increased after Joint Admission Board passed a recommendation. The current number of seats for females in IITs is 1,440, which is a mere 8% of the total seats.