There will be no exams this year for CBSE Class 12 students due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced the cancellation of CBSE Class 12th board exams. The decision, he said, was taken in the interest of students. Citing the health & safety of students amid a raging pandemic, the PM emphasised the need for sensitivity towards students who have been in a state of uncertainty over their future for almost an year now.

Despite the cancellation of exams, students conflicted over the issue. While few are relieved to be rid of the anxiety, others are worried about the grading system & the effect that it will have on their 12th standard results. The big questions now are: On what basis will the students be graded? How do we ensure a fair grading system? What will the SoP be for college applications? And how will students with no internet access be included in the ‘new normal’ of online entrances?

Neeraj Kumar Bedhotiya, Principal, Daly College,Indore exclusively spoke to NewsX and said that given the pandemic situation it had to be cancelled. “There was no choice but to go back and ask us to somehow produce a result which can be used for college admissions. Most students are happy about it, most parents are happy about it,” he added. One reason being that it has finished the uncertainty and it was a very challenging.

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However the bigger question now is to find out a way that can produce valid, reliable results, not only for the school but for the entire country because they are going to form the basis for college admissions.

Referring to the wide consultative process, PM expressed appreciation that a student friendly decision has been reached after consulting all stakeholders from across the length and breadth of India. He also thanked the States for providing feedback on this issue.

It was also decided that like last year, in case some students desire to take the exams, such an option would be provided to them by CBSE, as and when the situation becomes conducive.