Arvind Kejriwal, the incumbent C.M of Delhi has announced that a new curriculum is going to start in Delhi govt. schools from next year to infuse the feeling of nationalism in the mind of students.

He said at the launch of ‘constitution 70’ that he is going to bring ‘Deshbhakti’curriculum in Delhi so that students may know the value of their country and also it will infuse a feeling of nationalism in the mind of students since childhood.

Prior to this, the Delhi govt. has already come up with many Plans and promises this year as assembly election in Delhi is due early next year. Plans such as metro and bus travel free for women in Delhi “to encourage them to use public transport”, and the government has decided to provide free electricity to domestic consumers using up to 200 units every month. Till now the Delhi government was offering a subsidy of ₹2 per unit for a consumption of 400 units per month. Consumers having consumption of up to 100 units per month will get an additional subsidy of ₹ 100 units per month, according to reports. Delhi planning to install 11000 free wifi hotspots, offering 15 GB data per month to every citizen. Chief Minister said that this plan is going to be the world’s biggest project of its kind. As of now the capital city of Bihar; Patna has the longest free Wi-Fi zone of 20km across the globe.

Assembly election is going to be held in Delhi early next year. The last assembly election in Delhi was held in 2015.
AAP lost all seven Lok Sabha seats in the last general election to BJP and BJP is now very confident of victory in the upcoming assembly election

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