Canadian- Indian EdTech venture, Live Learning founded in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic by Krishna Gupta- entrepreneur and innovator has been aiming to improve teaching standards around the globe.

The mission of this education technology venture is to enhance the way in which teaching is imparted by reducing the jargon and by giving teachers control over the study material, provide them various tools and ensure smooth flow of learning.

Teachers can start their careers with Live Learning in a simple, easy way and also get access to a range of tools, resources and a global community. Live Learning allows integration of apps already in use for teaching and also carries the anytime video classroom feature. To make it accessible to everyone, the web based app requires only an Internet connection and a smart device.

It gives an upper hand to teachers and allows them to charge for their classes with a minimal transactional fee and no hidden charges. Teachers are the ones who have stood the pandemic and this app caters to their needs and makes their work easy, simple and interesting. By using various in- built tools, they can focus more on teaching and less on the stress of setting up classrooms and managing various functions.

Founder and CEO of Live Learning and Live Learning Technologies, Krishna Gupta says-Research shows that when teachers are more comfortable with delivering pedagogy they impact the environment. Students focus more and perform better. A stress free, easy and simple teaching method promotes engaging classrooms. Live Learning is an attempt to do the same. Our teachers deserve the best!’

Live Learning is free to use and requires no installation or download which makes it more user friendly. It is hosted on Canadian and United States’ servers. The web based app is built on open- source technology and uses as the main programming base. This allows for a community of developers to constantly monitor and upgrade the app making is upto the mark and always ready to cater to the needs of the teachers.

Live Learning has partnered with Stripe, Google, Spotify and OpenVidu to assist in seamless functioning- right from payment to streaking music.

The pandemic has truly given a chance to put a reset button, especially in education. Education with the help of technology can truly reach every corner in the world. Live Learning gives a global platform to teachers to impact their knowledge and for students to absorb that information from the comfort of their homes.