How to crack NEET, MBBS and MIT: Stuti Khandwala, who has qualified all major entrance exam which is held every year in India. She secured all India rank 10 in the AIIMS entrance exam, the results for the same were announced on June 12, 2019. The AIIMs exam is held for admissions to undergraduate medical courses in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. She cleared AIIMS accompanied with NEET, JIPMER and JEE Mains. According to the reports, Stuti Khandwala studied at the Allen Career Institute and opted for the classroom programme there. The 18-year old girl says that she was in dilemma due to qualifying so many examinations and she also consulted her teachers, well-wishers and parent before finalizing that she wants to go to MIT.

Shruti Khandwala tips on competitive exams:

In a conversation with NewsX, when Stuti was asked that how she managed to unlock this achievement, to this she replied that she was previously prepared herself mentally for giving all the exams as she loved both Biology and Maths and she didn’t want to miss any opportunity. She also said that the syllabus for all the exams was the same so she considered NCERT books for all of them and solved previous year question papers. She said that these entrance exams are not that tough as they are portrayed.

Shruti Khandwala’s take on joining MIT:

The next question asked to her was that is she sure that she is going to join MIT to which she replied that yes she is sure that she is definitely going to abroad, as if she stays in India then she has to choose between medical or engineering stream and choosing one of them will make the other one unapproachable to her and she wants to be a researcher, she needs all the subject throughout her life.

Shruti Khandwala tips on stress handling:

The next question which she was asked was that how she managed the stress which was on her due to the exams to which she replied that the students need to keep calm and relax and attempt the questions in the exam as much as they can and push themselves to the fullest as everyone needs to make their position by cracking the exam. She also said that pressure is not going to help people anyway and one should be happy for what he/she did in the examinations.

Shruti Khandwala’s gurumantra:

The next questions which she was asked to was that what is her gurumantra for success to which she replied that her mom supported in her journey as whenever she felt low, her mom always boosted her up.

Shruti Khandwala’s tips for aspirants:

The next question which was asked to her was that what would be her message to the students who are aspiring to be like her to which she replied that she used to study for 12 to 13 hours in a day and that was possible for her because she never gave her time in sports or any other thing which can divert her mind from her goal. As a pass time, she watched Tom and Jerry videos and cooking videos in the free time. She also said that the course of the entrance exam is very much from the NCERT class 11th and class 12th books so students should focus on the same. She said that students should practise NCER as they need to revise it thoroughly because they have studied it previously and it will be better to make them their strong points instead of focussing on the topics which they rarely know about.

Shruti Khandwala’s regular day schedule:

The next question which was asked to her was that how she managed to her regular day or what was her day to day activities to which she replied that she never had a fixed schedule to follow, she simply woke at 4:00 AM and studied till 8:00 am and then went to school, after returning from the school at 3:00 PM she relaxes and has lunch and after an hour or so she went to her coaching class. She returned from her coaching class at 8:00 PM and relaxed for to hours which included watching Tom and Jerry and other stuff after which she again studied from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The main thing which she did was that she used all of the breaks which she got in school to study concentrate on her weak points. As she says, for the last three years, she has never wasted a single second of her life here and there.

Shruti Khandwala tips on NEET:

The next question which she was asked to give tips to the students who are preparing for the NEET exam 2019 to which she replied that if one discusses his/her conflict with the elders, approximately all the inner conflicts get solved. So instead of discussing with anyone of your age, students should discuss these things with their elders as they will not blame you for anything and they will try their best to support them.

Shruti Khandwala’s inspiration:

The next question which was asked to her was that who is her inspiration to which she replied that her mom is a fighter and she has always fought against all the opposite situations and then too she keeps sacrificing her happiness for everyone so she wanted to be like her mom.

Shruti Khandwala’s take on returning back to India:

The next question asked to her was that is she having any plans to return back to India after her education to which she said that she will definitely come back to India and she wants to work on the phsychoneurotic disorder. She said that she was affected by the way mentally retarded beggars and all were treated so she wants to develop tools and technology that are going be a major help of the country without hampering the economic issue of the country.

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