In a bid to ensure that his only son does well in life, a poor farmer hailing from West Bengal’s Murshidabad district spent his entire year’s savings to invite around 700 villagers for lunch to seek their blessings for his son. According to reports in Hindustan Times, the farmer decided to organise the whole event as his son was the first in their family to appear for the Class 10 board examination. Rajab Ali, the farmer is trying to do everything possible to make his son, Shamim Shiekh, successful in his life.

According to Ali, about a year ago, he was told by somebody that if he will treat villagers and sought their blessings, his son will do well in his exams. Since then, he started saving money for the big event. The poor farmer also managed to print invitation card for the event as he did not want anybody to complain that he was not invited properly. Shamim Sheikh will appear for his Class 10 examinations on Monday. Presently, he is a student of the Charlabangola High Madrasa in West Bengal. The farmer later revealed that he wants his son to fulfil his dreams as he was unable to fulfil his.

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The farmer further added that he had seen his father working harder to provide them with the required resources, but he doesn’t want his children to go through the ordeal. He wants decent jobs for his children and to witness success in their lives. He also revealed that nobody in his family had ever passed the secondary examination. He further added that he will distribute sweets in the village if his son will come up with good marks.

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