A committee has been formed by the Government of India discuss the issues of students who had been planning to study abroad or had already been doing so but had to return to their homes before their academic session could be finished due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, Minister at Union Human Resource Development (HRD), hosted a meeting with the heads of several regulatory benches. During the meeting, which was titled ‘Stay in India and Study in India’, the concerns of students wishing to study abroad or those returning or returned were addressed during the meeting. The heads discussed the steps they could take to provide these students with a chance to join the finest education centres in India, so their time lost can be compensated for.

A committee has been set up, led by UGC’s (University Grants Commission) Chairman, Dhirendra Pal Singh, to draft the guidelines to make sure that the maximum number of students possible are able to continue their studies. The guidelines are to be submitted within a fortnight. This is being done to retain bright students in India itself.

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HRD Minister Pokhriyal states that 7.5 lakh students flew abroad for their studies, which caused many smart students to study outside. This increased their chances of finding their occupation outside of India. The coronavirus outbreak has caused many of these students to return to India and resume their studies here. He added that HRD would work hard to serve the needs of these students.

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