Today the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board (UPSEB) is all set to declare the results of Class 10 and Class 12 students. As per the official website,, the results for the Class 12 students, will be announced around 12:30 PM and Class 10 results are likely to be out but 1:30 PM. Students can acquire their mark sheets from the official website, that is:, by Sunday afternoon, April 29. In case of excessive anxiety and other mental issues, make sure you are calm and composed. And here’s all you need to do before and after the exam declarations.

It’s quite natural to face anxieties just ahead of exams, excessive calls to friends, praying to the almighty, thinking too much, fewer amount of sleep and not what. We all have gone through that phase, and in case of Maths exam, the situation is even tougher. But, there are always many ways to get away with exam stress or even bigger life issues.

Here’s all you need to know young pupils ahead of exam stress


Too much thinking will not help; try to deviate your mind: It is indeed a ritual, that just ahead of exam results, especially on the day it is going to be announced, phrases like, “Yayyyyy I passed!”, “Bro I failed in the Maths exam,” these 2 phrases depict happiness and pain both. In case of pain, students often become depressed, and in case of ample grief, they try to harm themselves. But hey really? Is a marksheet worth your life? NO!! Try to deviate yourself, go out, try to exercise and always remember, that serendipity is and shall always in you in life.

There is always a solution: In case of Class 12 students, high-cut offs are nothing new. Please do not  hesitate to apply in other Universities apart of DU. Try IP University, Amity University, and in case of cracking an entrance, try to concentrate on the entrance exam and not your 12th marks, because if you do well in the entrance exam, there is a possibility of getting a good college in Delhi/NCR. For Class 10 students, you still have 2 years guys and girls. Please enjoy your last 2 years. And if you score less, try to motivate yourself that in the upcoming years you shall do better. There’s always a chance to do better.

Former aspirations should never die: 6 Years ago when Bulbul gave her Class 12 exams, she wanted to opt for History honours, but at that time she had to opt for English honours as her aggregate was less than 80% as per the then cut-offs. Gradually she did English honours, but even after 6 years she still has the zeal to read History. And today, she is fond of the history of Kashmir, Israel-Palestine conflict, about the Arab Spring and what not. Similarly, you can be another Bulbul, even if you do not get science or honours, you can always buy your favorite books and try to specialize in your area. There’s no harm in being inquisitive.

Find Alternatives: In case of low marks, find ways to get away with the pain. Go for exercise, dance classes, or just a little run can help you to get away with stress. And please do not try to escape the pain by drinking or smoking or harming yourself. Alcohol is only going to harm your body, go for cleaner ways to outlive your pain. 

Always reach out to your friends and family members: In case of excessive tension, try to talk to your friends, or your trustworthy seniors,  they will always give you a proper guideline. Sometimes, when we score less, are parents do frown at us. Folks, AVOID THEM! Do not take their harsh words seriously, at the end of the day, they are our parents and it is indeed their right to frown at us. However, there is a special advice to the parents, please do not judge your child on the basis of a marksheet, as it is not imporant in case one applies for a job. So, reach out to your best friends, share your pain with them. Have an ice-cream and go to do sleep. And if you are feeling demotivated, watch Udaan directed Vikramaditya Motwane. A film that depicts a young boy’s dream to become a poet. Goodluck folks! 🙂

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