After the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) made the Class 10 Board examinations mandatory again after its optional tests and automatic promotion was criticised, the Delhi government on Monday said that students in the national capital are not ready to face the ‘tough test’.

The Delhi education department wrote a letter to CBSE in January which said that Class 8 and 9 students, who will now face the board examinations in the academic year 2018-2019, should be made to give exam on half the syllabus for the next two years.

The semester system evaluates the performance of a student every six months. For the new order to not come like a sudden imposition, the Delhi govt wants only half the syllable to be applied for the exam.

However, the CBSE might not deem the idea possible as it has to change the rules for one specific union territory. Some officials said that the Delhi government’s move could not be called a board examination since the original has to deal with annual syllabus.

“We want the semester system to continue for Class 9 and 10 students for an interim of two years… as they had to go through various experiments of no-detention policy, CCE (continuous and comprehensive evaluation) among others, and will find it (board exams) difficult to adjust,” HT quoted a DoE official as saying.

“We fully support board exams but currently the students are used to the semester system so they should be assessed using that. The board exam for these students can be based on a semester rather than judging them on the full syllabus, that too for a period of two years,” he added.