In what will come as a big relief for students suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, CBSE on Tuesday, announced that all such students will be allowed to take snacks or carry sugar tablets, chocolates and candies during their 10 & 12 Board examinations.

The circular, posted on its official web portal, CBSE said that the board has listed 5 types of eatable items which students can carry while coming to the examination centre.

“Among all the diabetic population of our country, there are sizeable number of children who are suffering with Type 1 Diabetes who need insulin injections at regular intervals to manage their blood glucose level, these children need frequent meals to avoid hypoglycaemia which may otherwise affect their health/performance”, said the recent announcement from CBSE.

Taking a view of cases, where the patient needs to take frequent meals, CBSE allowed such students to carry eatables with them which will be kept with the invigilators at their respective examination centres.

The following items —1: Sugar tablets/Chocolate/Candy, 2: Fruits like Banana/Apple/Orange, 3: Snack items like Sandwich, 4: Small bottle of water (500 ml.), has been sanctioned by the board.

Students will have to submit a medical certificate of their diagnosis along with the complete diabetic history, to their school Principal, who will be required to forward all these applications to CBSE.