Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Muslim organisation seeks to close the educational divide between north and south

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A group of Muslim intellectuals, educationists, and retired bureaucrats have made the decision to bring institutions together in order to bridge the north-south split because they are concerned about the lack of coordination among minority-run educational institutions.

A strategy to increase the educational empowerment of the impoverished will be explored at a conference organised by the recently founded Alliance for Economic and Educational Development of the Underprivileged (AEEDU) on July 2–3 at Jamia Hamdard in Delhi, with a special focus on Muslims.

This nonpartisan gathering aims to improve cooperation between southern and northern institutions. “People in the south, particularly in Kerala and Karnataka, are advanced far more quickly than members of our society in north India. Lt Gen (retd) Zameer Uddin Shah remarked, “We aim to build a synergy and help them coordinate and collaborate with one another. Gen Shah, a former vice chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, is one of the six founding members of the alliance, along with former Union minister K Rahman Khan, entrepreneur Saeed Sherwani, former Jamia Millia VC Najeeb Jung, senior Urdu editor Shahid Siddiqui, and former MP Shahid Siddiqui.

“Education is essential to overcoming our loss of momentum. The association would serve as a coordination hub for efforts to support underprivileged craftspeople with business advice. According to Siddiqui, it will contribute to raising awareness about the need of educational empowerment. He continued by saying that while they have nothing against Muslims getting involved in politics, the coalition will limit its efforts to assisting the needy in terms of education and economic empowerment. All issues will be eliminated if the people are empowered via education”, he claimed.

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