Eight children died in a dune collapse incident in Pakistan

7 July, 2023 | Malvika Vardhan

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A total of eight children were killed in a sand dune collapse incident in Pakistan's Martung Khas, Shangla district.

A total of eight children were killed in a dune collapse incident in Pakistan’s Martung Khas, Shangla district, reported ARY News on Friday. According to the details, the children were playing cricket when the sand dune collapsed. Five people were first declared dead, and five more were later buried beneath the sand.

However, the rescue team confirmed eight children dead, with one youngster remaining trapped beneath the sand mound.
Furthermore, a search operation is underway for the missing children.

Many such incidents were reported earlier this year. In May, in the Achro Thar area of Sindh’s Sanghar district, four children were burnt to death in a fire at their house. The children who died in the ‘deadly house fire’ were siblings while their father sustained burn injuries.

Upon receiving the information, the rescue team and police reached the spot and shifted the bodies and injured persons to the hospital for medical treatment.

In the tragic accident, household goods and several goats were also burnt, reported ARY News.

A similar tragedy occurred in Lower Kohistan, Pakistan, in March, when a house fire claimed the lives of ten family members, including a woman, her mother-in-law, five children, and three sons.

Locals who rushed to the spot retrieved the buried family members and shifted them to a nearby hospital where the doctors pronounced all of them dead.

In January, six of a family including children were burnt to death in a fire at their house in Quetta. According to rescue sources, a gas leak killed six members of a household, including children, in Quetta’s Satellite Town.