Bollywood Star Kangana Ranaut Files Nomination for Mandi Lok Sabha Seat

She spoke passionately about her aspirations to make a significant impact in the political arena, drawing parallels to her accomplishments in the film industry.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, widely known for her roles in Hindi cinema, filed her nomination papers for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat in her home state of Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday. Accompanied by her mother, Asha Ranaut, and her sister, Rangoli Ranaut, the BJP candidate expressed gratitude towards the people of Mandi for their overwhelming support during her electoral debut.

Addressing the media amidst a throng of supporters, Kangana Ranaut attributed her decision to enter politics to the unwavering affection she has received from the residents of Mandi. She spoke passionately about her aspirations to make a significant impact in the political arena, drawing parallels to her accomplishments in the film industry.

“The people of Mandi and their love for me have brought me here. Women in our country are making a mark in every field but incidents of feticide in Mandi were high a few years ago. Today, the women from Mandi are in the Army, the field of education and politics,” remarked Kangana, reflecting on the societal transformation she hopes to catalyze through her political endeavors.

In response to queries regarding the opposition Congress party, Kangana Ranaut expressed concerns over what she termed as the “anti-national mentality” prevalent within its ranks, emphasizing the need for a robust nationalistic approach in governance.

Her mother, Asha Ranaut, exuded confidence in her daughter’s electoral prospects, affirming, “The public have come here to support Kangana. We will definitely win. She has done a lot of work for the people and will do so in future too.”

Echoing similar sentiments, her sister Rangoli Ranaut extended her best wishes for Kangana’s political journey, highlighting the overwhelming support witnessed among the gathered crowd.

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Following the formalities of filing her nomination, Kangana Ranaut expressed pride in representing the Mandi constituency, asserting her determination to replicate her success in Bollywood within the realm of politics.

“The decision to field Kangana from Mandi, which has traditionally been a stronghold of the ruling Congress in the state, adds a layer of intrigue to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In her maiden bid for membership of the Lower House, she faces a formidable challenge in the form of Congress heavyweight and the son of late former chief minister Virbhadra Singh, Vikramaditya Singh,” the article noted, underlining the electoral dynamics at play in the region.

The forthcoming elections in Himachal Pradesh, scheduled for June 1, not only promise a fierce contest for the Lok Sabha seats but also hold implications for the vacant assembly constituencies resulting from the resignation and defection of dissident Congress lawmakers.

With the BJP eyeing a repeat of its electoral success in the state, the Mandi constituency emerges as a pivotal battleground, symbolizing the enduring political legacy of the Virbhadra family within the Congress ranks.

Pratibha Devi Singh, the widow of the late leader Ram Swaroop Sharma, currently holds the Mandi seat for the Congress, adding further significance to the electoral contest in this region.