Saturday, December 2, 2023

Eleonora Bernardi Zizola Is Redefining Fashion Standards With And It’s Worth A Read

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How many times have you read a fashion blog and have been dissatisfied with their page? probably too many times because this happens a lot to women who do not usually find their particular body types in what ever blog they come across. For years, there have been people who have tried to redefine the fashion standards and bring forth more representation in the industry so that people can find their true calling instead of justice fitting in into someone else’s body type recommendations. is going to change your viewpoint entirely.

Eleonora Bernardi Zizola has put in a lot of effort into building her blog. She has not only addressed the various issues that most women undergo while they are looking up fashion blogs, but also organised a number of fashion designers from all over the world who are experienced with the different kinds of women they have to provide the content to. It is clear to them that only slim, curvy and petite women don’t look up for trending styles, all kinds of women do so but most of the time they do not have enough content to follow. They have a wide range of audience and according to that, the blog has to cater to their demands. will not only satisfy your needs but also make you look fabulous!

Deciding what to wear and what kind of clothing sides to follow is now very easy, quick and comfortable. No more trying to fit into someone else’s dressing sense just because nobody told you how to do it, get your own personalised content. It is educational and also easy to access, you just need to look up her website and voila!

All the credit goes to Eleonora Bernardi Zizola. She is a multitasking woman at its finest because apart from being interested in the fashion industry, she has been a professional basketball clear, training from the age of 14. Her blog also gives people a deeper insight on how life is at Venice, it is indeed a very beautiful city and it’s also hard to imagine about a person who would not like to look up to it. is now the only resort for us all! Surely, they’re going to expand their field more but right now it is already more than what most fashion blogs offer. No more pondering over what to wear, checkout their blog now to make sure that you don’t lack!


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