Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Emre Can Ayaydin adds stars to his career by entering Asian Markets, especially India

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Gold and India have a sentimental relation for eternity. For uncountable generations, India is referred to as ‘A Nation Of Gold.’ Many researchers believe this is why India attracted so many invaders who robbed India of its valuable metals. Time has changed, but not the fascination of Indian people towards Gold; instead, it has grown significantly.

The key reason behind this is the linkage of Gold to the cultures and traditions of India. Gold is inevitably used in many rituals in India. Be it Diwali, Christening Ceremony or marriage, Gold is a preferred type of gift. Other than that, possessing Gold is not only considered an investment and status symbol in India but also believed to be a sign of prosperity.  Hence, people cherish Gold for generations and pass it on to the next.

Emre Can Ayaydin, a Switzerland based entrepreneur and CEO of Goldi Group, could not neglect how Indians value Gold in their lives. India is a vast marketplace with a high potential for entrepreneurs like him to venture into.

Emre Can Ayaydin is a new age entrepreneur who does not believe any barrier is a setback to do what you do and take it to the next level. He is convinced that technology is driving today’s business world.  If integrated with technology, businesses can be expanded globally and earn from global customers while you sit in one place somewhere on the earth.

Emre Can Ayaydin comes from a business background family and feels fateful about it. He had been inclined towards entrepreneurship naturally, which kept him inquisitive to learn skills to manage his family business successfully.

Emre says his Mom suggested he joins their family business as early as possible if he wanted to excel in entrepreneurial skills and be a successful entrepreneur. So, he joined his family business at the age of 14  as a learner while also completing his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Basel and later did M.Sc from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Today, Emre Ayaydin efficiently manages his family business called Goldi Group as a Chief Executive Officer and Oversees Strategic Planning Head. Under Emre’s direction, Goldi Group deals in gold ornaments and accessories such as watches. The firm also has a premium line of products that are branded as ‘Ashley Ornaments.’ Goldi Group has a presence in many European countries and is looking forward to stepping into the Indian market considering the demand and love for Gold.

Emre is confident that stepping up into the Indian market will help him scale up his business at a better pace. In a stiff market like India, it is tough for new entrants like Emre Ayaydin and his business group to sustain the competition from already established brands. Nevertheless, Emre Ayaydin underlines his conviction in doing business, offering budgeted yet quality products to the customers and taking care of customer interests and trends as his strength. After expanding his company’s presence to India, Emre Ayaydin also sees a prospect in the neighbouring country Pakistan.

Emre Ayaydin says that all through his entrepreneurial journey, he has stuck to a few growth fundamentals, such as knowing your purpose for every action you take, finding a solution to a problem, and exploring newer markets regardless of boundaries.

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