Entertaining performer Herry Nakum helping old couple from Surat

20 February, 2021 | newsx bureau

Herry Nakum, a singer and performer recently made a short video of an old couple from Surat and used social media to appeal to everyone to help out the elderly couple. he further encouraged the you...

Not everyone lives up to their success and bright career. Life examines an individual at every step. When you have everything that’s the time when your humanity is tested to the core. Herry Nakum, a young singer & performer is setting standards not only with his work front but what he is giving back to society. Herry visited a place in Surat called Udna and met an old couple. The sight was painstaking as the old people did not have anything to eat. They do not have any children or anyone for that matter of fact to take care of them.

Herry met them, he had a heartfelt conversation with them. Herry stepped forward to help them with essentials. Knowing the power of social media, he quickly uploaded an Instagram reel appealing to everyone. Herry’s appeal to everyone out there, “Hello friends. I am here in Udna, Surat. We must help these old grandfather & grandmother. The grandfather is mentally challenged. They don’t have ration to eat. There are many poor and helpless beings in our surroundings from rural to urban. We must step forward and ensure that at least they get proper meals three times a day. The situation is alarming and I feel really bad for everyone who are facing such issues. Every youth understands the power of the media today, I hope my message is disseminated to a large group. To meet this old couple, kindly contact on the given number +91 8238181951. The number belongs to Sandeep Bhai Rupavatia Tiffin Services.”

This move will certainly cover the meals for the old and destitute section of our society. Everyone is showering praises and appreciation on Herry Nakum after watching this Instagram IGTV.