Monsoon does bring excitement and joy to our lives. While rains bless our drenched souls with the drops of ecstasy, one just can’t say no when it comes to dancing in rains. We all have come across several Bollywood rain songs that have walked us through the rainy season but this is not about those songs. It is also not about those rainy day melodies but is definitely about some peppy dance numbers from the Bhojpuri cinema. For a change, these tracks can be a fair understudy for your all-time rainy season tracks.

Bhojpuri cinema and its actors are known for one of the most grooved-on dance beats. Actors including Monalisa, Akshara Singh, Amrapali Dubey and Rani Chatterjee have gained massive popularity across the country with their perfect dance moves. Here we have compiled a list of 10 sauciest Bhojpuri songs that will make your monsoon more exciting. Here check out the list of the tracks: 

1) Mat Sarafat Kar Aaj Tu

2) Rimjhim Barsela Sawan 

3) Bas Mein Na Dehiya Ba

4) Rimjhim Rimjhim Barasela Paani

5) Bhigi Barsaat Me

6) Bali Umariya Patli Kamariya

7) Pyas Bujhawa

8) Jag Hai Pa Jata 

9) Pyaas Tan Ki Bujhaja

10) Karela Man Pat Jayi

Undoubtedly, you must have liked the list of songs. Well, these are just 10 of the thousands hit monsoon tracks available on YouTube. However, you can surely deny the hard-work to search the other songs and will give a try to the list. 

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