MUMBAI: The ongoing controversy related to AR Rahman on being issued a Fatwa for composing music for a film based on Prophet Muhammad has taken a fresh turn. Majid Majidi, a renowned Iranian Director made a movie that revolved around the life of Prophet Muhammad for which Rahman had composed music.

Following the same, the Chief Mufti of Mumbai, Muhammad Akhtar issued Fatwa against Majidi, AR Rahman and others associated with the film.

However, without creating a fuss about it, Rahman has very positively replied to the Fatwa, justifying his act of composing music for the film.

Rahman wrote a letter and posted it on his Facebook page, with the intention of defusing the controversy that revolves around the same.

He wrote in his letter, “I didn’t direct or produce the movie Muhammad (PBUH), Messenger of God. I just did the music. My spiritual experiences of working on the film are very personal and I would prefer not to share these.”

He also indicated his intention behind composing music which was done in good faith and not with the intention of offending anybody.

He also expressed his delight for living in a country in India which practises religious freedom and aims at maintaining peace and harmony among the different communities.

He concluded his letter by appealing people to avoid conflict and violence, to bless those who suffer in the world and being thankful for living in such a country.

The letter posted by AR Rahman on his Social Media page-

The wonderful reply in the form of a letter shows the stature that AR Rahman has attained so far. The iconic music composer has truly emerged as a follower of Prophet who believes in non-violence in both, actions as well as words.


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