Chennai: After Rahman was pilloried by the fringe for composing music for a film that they believed, mocked the Prophet of Islam and, insulted the religion, which forced him to issue a statement virtually disowning his work, the God of Tollywood, Rajnikanth has been targeted now. (Also Read: Fatwa issued against AR Rahman for a movie on Prophet)
The pressure on Rajnikanth, to not to do a film based on Tipu Sultan’s life, comes not just from the fringe but also comes from the party in force at the Centre, the BJP. 
Tamilisai Sounderarajan, Leader, BJP, spoke up on the issue, “He will be very selective in his character and he will be very careful not to wound any section of the people.” (Also Read: After Rahman, another icon targeted)
However, it looks like the centre is ignoring Tamil Nadu BJP pressure on Rajni. In a conference, Prakash Javadekar, Environment Minister, tried to show that the central leadership of BJP has no role to play in it.
Krsihnasagar Rao, BJP Leader, tried to defend BJP saying that neither the party has any role in it nor has it warned Rajnikanth. He said, “The party isn’t saying anything….The statement has been made by our senior leader, Mr. Ganesan, in the capacity of a friend of Rajnikanth. So please do not attribute that to the party.”
Senior Journalist, Sumanth C Raman, while talking to NewsX said, “The question of cautioning Mr. Rajnikanth is way too premature.”
The opposition has also lashed out at BJP over pressure on the icons, Rahman and Rajnikanth. (Also Read: VAR Rahman’s excellent reply to the Fatwa issued against him)
One of the opposition leaders was quoted saying, “It is up to Rajnikanth to take any decision. No force in this country can so no to him.” 
Ashok Sinha, Leader, RJD, also lashed out at BJP saying, “We condemn this attitude of BJP people that wherever they go, Religion, culture and language, they concentrate on these three things. They try to polarise Hindus against Muslims. This is the glaring example.” 
However, the controversy still continues and it is hoped that it is sorted out soon.