On the eve of its release, the movie ‘Talvar’ (based on Aarushi Talwar murder case) has already sparked a controversy. The director of the movie ‘Rahasya,’ Manish Gupta has alleged that the film is biased and only shows one side of the case. He has also alleged that Talwars were given crores for this film. 
NewsX has talked to the star cast of the film ‘Talvar,’ and they have defended the film by saying that it is an honest attempt at what happened in the case.
Irrfan Khan, playing the role of Ashwin Kumar, CBI Officer, told NewsX, “I did not have to work on the scene interpretation but the pressure was more on that that we don’t give any false information through our movie.” (Also Read: ‘Talvar’: A film for a cause)
Justifying the subject matter of the film, Meghna Gulzar, Director of the movie, told about all the efforts they had made right from reading around 4, 000 articles to keeping themselves updated about the trial hearings and meeting all the involved parties. 
She said, “The study had to be intensive because we didn’t want to go wrong or make a mistake. Film is a very powerful medium and if you are making a film on a real subject, the responsibility doubles.”
Manish Gupta, in his allegation, has put forward the question that when his movie ‘Rahasya,’ which was also loosely inspired from Aarushi Talwar murder case, was taken to court by the Talwar family and came to theatres after about 10-11 months of a legal battle, then why haven’t they taken this movie to court, which is solely inspired by the same case? 
Manish Gupta alleges that the movie has portrayed Talwars as innocent and the attempt is to evoke sympathy. 
Tanvir Ahmed Mir, Talwar’s Lawyer, in response to Gupta’s allegation said, “Gupta’s credentials are doubtful.”
‘Talvar’ is scheduled to release on October 2, 2015, this Friday. A lot has been talked about this movie much before its release. Only after watching the movie, one can understand all such claims and decide which side to be on. 

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