NEW DELHI: It would be no surprise to see condom advertisements taking a back seat in the near future from television during the day time. Yes, you read it right! According to a media report, the Centre is reviewing a proposal to limit condom advertisements on television to late-night hours only.
The step has reportedly been taken on the orders from the Information and Broadcast Ministry on the grounds of complaints from politicians apart from the viewers across the section.
Going by the Broadcast regulations, the television content is classified in two categories i.e. General (G) and Restricted (R). While there are no apprehensions over the G category, the R content that is not believed to appropriate for young viewers is allowed to be aired only between the time slot of 11 PM to 5 AM.
The I&B ministry officials have reportedly been receiving a lot of complaints regarding the condom advertisements being aired during the day time.
“A ban is out of question. So, the matter being discussed is whether their broadcast can be restricted to certain hours which fall after family viewing time,” an official was quoted saying in a media report.
An inter-ministerial committee is expected to debate the issue soon and decide upon the airing of the condom advertisements. If it goes in favour of the complainants, then the condom ads will be aired only during the ‘adult’ hours.
Not many days ago, Senior Left leader Atul Kumar Anjan stirred a major controversy after accusing adult actress Sunny Leone for the increasing number of rapes in India. He mentioned that the advertisements featuring Sunny Leone are vulgar. “I am not anti-condoms but the language used in the commercial,” he had said. However, he later apologized for his comments and sarcastically commented, “Supporters of porn and Sunny Leone are raising objections. I apologize but don’t stand for such ads.” (Also Read: Sunny Leone’s superb reply to politician who slammed her condom ads)
On the contrary, the advertising watchdogs have condemned the Centre’s move to curb advertisements. 

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