MUMBAI: Can you really imagine anyone getting close to Bollywood actor Salman Khan keeping in mind the amount of security he is surrounded with when he is in the public area? No right? A simple wave from him is enough for his fans who are waiting to have a glimpse of the Dabangg actor. But, in a shocking incident, four girls have actually managed to rob the ‘Bodyguard’ of his belongings. 
According to the reports, four young girls who were pretending to be huge fans of the star approached Salman Khan at a nightclub in Bandra on Thursday. 
The ‘Bigg Boss’ host politely interacted with them for few minutes and he kept his belongings including sunglasses, wallets and his ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ pendant on the table while chatting with them. Also Read: Bigg Boss 9: Final list of contestants revealed?
Salman got busy interacting with his crew after the girls left and it was a while later when the Bollywood star realized that his personal belongings that he had kept in the side table were missing and so were the four ‘fans’. Also Read: 5 popular chain smokers of Bollywood
The man behind ‘Being Human’ has reportedly increased his private security to 14 guards rather than filing an official complaint regarding the matter. Also Read: This Pak lady is arrested for crossing border illegally for Shah Rukh & Salman Khan. Did Bajrangi Bhaijaan inspire her?
Salman is not the only star who has been robbed in such a way. Actors such as Sushmita Sen and Shriya Saran have also been the victim of such robberies in the past.

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