Row over Ghulam Ali’s concert in Mumbai is escalating each day. After Shiv Sena cancelling the show of Pakistani ghazal singer in Maharashtra, it is now Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya who has criticized the legendary singer. 
Lashing out at Ghulam Ali, the famous Bollywood voice took to Twitter recently and expressed his extremist and shocking views against the ghazal maestro. 
Branding Ali as a ‘dengue artist’; Bhattacharya called Pakistan a terrorist country and tagged its entire population as terrorists. 
Not only this, he also mentioned that the nation and patriotism meant a lot more to him than music. 
Following these remarks, Abhijeet has bagged support from Shiv Sena, the party that left no stone unturned to cancel the Ghulam Ali show in Mumbai that was scheduled for today.