NEW DELHI: It’s just been two days and the Bigg Boss house has already started feeling the negativity amongst the contestants. Amid high-voltage drama, Bigg Boss 9 continues witnessing new bonding and connection every passing minute. 
In a new twist, one of the most powerful ‘jodis’ in the Bigg Boss house, Kishwar Merchant and Aman Verma who were earlier seen displaying a lot of attitude in the house have now been spotted facing some issues with each other. Yes, this indeed is true. The pair that was often spotted giggling, gossiping and making fun of the other contestants in the house now wants to separate; at least one of them wants to get rid of the pairing. And who would that be? Scroll down to know more…
It is Kishwar Merchant who apparently wants to get away from the ‘bandhan’ with Aman Verma she is currently attached to. Also Read: Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula and Ankit Gera irritated with Kishwar Merchant and Aman Verma
In today’s episode, Kishwar will be seen gossiping about Aman Verma to her boyfriend Suyash Rai, also a contestant in the house in ‘bandhan’ with actress Rima Sen. “Aman is very clever. He wants to be very bossy and he uses me for it. He behaves like a leader in the house. Aman is damn irritating and I really want to get out of this ‘patta’,” Merchant will be heard saying this to Suyash.
Well, it is strange to see how people and their perception start changing within no time when they start living together under one roof. During the initial hours of the show, it appeared that Kishwar and Aman were best friends in the house, but now it appears that the two have actually experienced the true madness of the Bigg Boss house and have started showing their true colours. Also Read:  Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula insults Salman Khan? How will the actor hit back?
Let’s wait and watch what the controversial reality show has in store for us today! It surely is going to be an interesting Bigg Boss Nau season.