Bigg Boss Double Trouble is getting interesting with each passing day. It’s just been three days and already a lot of drama has unfolded in the Bigg Boss house. From Mandana’s ‘nakhras’ (tantrums) to the disgusting tasks, every obstacle in the house seems to be doubled in Bigg Boss 9. But what actually shocked one and all was the aggressive behaviour of Kishwar Merchant’s boyfriend, Suyyash Rai. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 9: Kishwar Merchant and Aman Verma to split?)
At first, Suyyash was upset with his ‘bandhan’ partner Rimi Sen who had refused to do a task with him in the previous episode.  The two had to go bald for their task. But when the pair was given another chance to perform for their first luxury budget, which certainly is a big thing for the housemates of the Bigg Boss show, Rimi refused to go ahead with the trypanophobia (fear of needles) task. For the task the couple had to ink themselves with the Bigg Boss name anywhere on the body. 
While Suyyash was trying to act the ‘daredevil’ for the task Rimi wanted to know the size of the tattoo before agreeing to the ‘scary’ task. Suyyash, as it appeared, was convinced with Rimi’s choice to see the size of the tattoo first and then go ahead with the decision of accepting the task. When he asked Bigg Boss to reveal the size of the tattoo and did not get any revert, the 26-year-old television star was annoyed. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula insults Salman Khan? How will the actor hit back?)
He did decide to go ahead with the task but backed out when he saw the size of the tattoo. So did Rimi. Not wanting to give up, Suyyash asked if he could choose his own design for the tattoo. He lost his cool and decided to protest when he received no response from Bigg Boss. In his conversation with Bigg Boss, audible and visible to all other inmates, he expressed that the show was biased towards ‘firang’ (foreigner)participants in the house indicating Iranian model Mandana who is also a participant of Bigg Boss Nau. 
On the other hand, his girlfriend Kishwar Merchant held a view that it was no big deal for either of them to get inked as per the requirements of Bigg Boss as they could have worked around it once they were out of the show. 
Suyyash, who was already irritated with happenings in the house, along with Rimi Sen blasted his girlfriend Kishwar Merchant for not choosing them for an appropriate task.
Was Suyyash Rai overreacting? Why was he being so aggressive? Or should this be seen as another publicity stunt? Even his partner Rimi Sen felt that Suyyash would grab immense attention of the audience after this ‘aggressive’ episode. 
Let’s wait and watch how the young guy reveals his real colours on the show… Stay with us for more updates!

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