Actress Rimi Sen, currently a housemate of Bigg Boss 9, survived the elimination round, but it seems that the actress is not too happy with the audience that has voted to keep her in the Bigg Boss house. Sounds strange? Yes, it indeed is true! Read on…
The 34-year-old Bengal beauty desperately wants to get out of the controversial house and is not happy that her fans have saved her from escaping the captivity of the Bigg Boss house. Also Read: Here is the list of nominated contestants this week… Will Prince Narula say goodbye to the show?
On the eighth day of Bigg Boss Nau, Sen spoke her heart out and expressed that she had had ‘enough’ and wants to quit the show at the earliest. She also said that the sound of Bigg Boss’ voice irritated her, and she went as far as stating that the next season of the show Bigg Boss 10 should be banned. Also Read: Once rejected by all, Prince Narula becomes ‘hot favourite’ of the contestants
Otherwise a silent observer, Rimi Sen managed to bring some comic relief to the show.  The other participants too added to the humour by pretending to be media reporters and questioning Rimi about her outburst and the consequences that she would face from it, if she managed to get herself out of the show. 
The ‘Dhoom’ actress, who was visibly irritated with the show as well as her stay in the house said that she would never recommend anyone to be a part of Bigg Boss, no matter how much money was offered. She claimed that she started sensing negative vibes from the other housemates within seconds of her entering the Bigg house. Also Read: Bigg Boss 9: Is Mandana Karimi secretly married? See marriage certificate here
Rimi’s hilarious side has been revealed for the first time on the show and for sure the audience would be looking for more such moments. Now that the young diva has started entertaining her viewers, let’s wait and watch what more she has in store for us.
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