In a major twist to the ongoing controversial reality show, Bigg Boss Double Trouble, one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss house, Prince Narula has suddenly revealed a different side of him on the Bigg Boss show.
The king of reality shows, Prince Narula, was a not-so-liked partner by the contestants of Bigg Boss 9 during the initial days but has now won many hearts. However, the last two days appear to not have gone too well with the Roadies X2 winner. 
Prince, who was otherwise maintaining an extremely calm and friendly attitude in the Bigg Boss house, lost his cool in the previous episode. This change happened soon after he had had a conversation with ‘Baba Ji’ in one of the previous episodes and the message he received from his sister. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 9: Who is paid how much? Here is the list…)
Baba Ji who was offering suggestions to every contestant for their bright future in the Bigg Boss house told Narula that he needed to take a stand for himself because on-screen it appeared as if he was getting carried away by Suyyash’s thoughts and ideas.  (Also Read: Bigg Boss 9: Keith Sequeira’s ex-wife set to enter the Bigg Boss house?)
This was followed by a message from Prince Narula’s sister who suggested the same to her loving brother. She felt that he needed to take a decision for himself and not just be influenced by what his peers were expecting him to do. “You need to take a stand for yourself and be yourself in the show. Be what you are outside the house and do not show a different side in the house,” Prince Narula’s sister advised her brother. (Also Read: Splitsvilla 8: Prince Narula and Anuki win the show?)
This talk seemed to move Prince Narula and he was later spotted in a different zone altogether.  His connect with Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant seemed to have been affected too. The trio was caught in a verbal spat later on in the show.
While we have often seen Suyyash getting aggressive on petty issues, it was actually shocking to see Prince in this brand new avatar—raising his voice, pin pointing the contestants and getting into a verbal argument was something Prince always promised not to indulge in. However, it now appears that it’s all promises were made in vain. (Also Read: SHOCKING: Bigg Boss 9 contestant Rimi Sen wants the show to be banned)
Remember how the young talent swore upon respecting women? Well, we wonder what new this sudden outburst of Prince will bring to the Bigg Boss house!
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