Bigg Boss 9 is taking new turns every day. With the shocking elimination of two contestants last week that included Vikas Bhalla and Arvind Vegda, we also saw the wild card entry of Splitsvilla contestant Rishabh Sinha into the Bigg Boss house. Six people including Suyyash Rai, Rimi Sen, Aman Verma, Mandana Karimi, Yuvika Choudhary and Digangana Suryavanshi are nominated for this week’s elimination, and Bigg Boss followers are eagerly waiting to see how the tough battle will play out. Wanna know who will be evicted this weekend? Read on….
While fans wait for the results, famous Gujarati singer Arvind Vegda who was recently eliminated from the Bigg Boss house has predicted that young and beautiful Digangana Suryanvashi will say good bye to Bigg Boss 9. 
According to a media report, Arvind while speaking to them revealed, “I think Digangana will be the next one to get evicted! She is small, and I personally feel she will not be able to adjust to all the situations in the house. The environment inside the house is turning from bad to worse! Then there is Yuvika who is again very soft at heart! But I really believe the next eviction will be Digangana.”
It would be interesting to see if Digi, the 18-year-old beauty, actually leaves the walled house or manages to stick around and give birth to more controversies. Why the controversies? Well, we all know that Digi and Rishabh have not shared a very friendly past, the details of which Digi did reveal on the show. So, it is certain that with Digangana and Rishabh under the same roof, tempers will rise in the house and lead to a lot of drama which may then be responsible for increased TRPs of the show. 
So, for now we wonder if what Arvind predicted will actually come true. To find out what happens, wait and watch to see what the weekend show has in store for you! One thing is for sure, whosoever leaves the house this week, their share of drama will be missed by the fans of the show! Isn’t it?
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