Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 9 is now welcoming the much-wanted drama in the house. The Bigg Boss house has started witnessing the dramatic situations and fights which is a key factor of every season of Bigg Boss. 
After a messy conversation with Suyyash Rai, Prince Narula has now taken up a new fight with recently entered wild card entry to Bigg Boss Double Trouble Rishabh Sinha. But don’t you feel it was just another publicity stunt?
Well, Prince was raising his voice in favour of Kishwer Merchant with whom he was recently involved in an ugly spat last week. And now, the same guy is fighting with another contestant Rishabh Sinha for her. What else it could be if not an attention seeking stunt? We understand that Prince in the very beginning claimed of respecting women in every way possible and it is no wrong to stand up for her but how could he forget the ruckus that was created by him last week only with her.
Rishabh and Mandana Karimi were teamed up in a task against the rest of the members of the Bigg Boss house. Rishabh during the task played ‘Fetch Me’ game with Kishwer where she was asked to behave like a ‘dog’ and fetch the bones he threw across the house. While the act could not go too well with the housemates and Kishwer’s boyfriend Suyyash Rai even broke down during the task, Prince Narula who was the Captain of the house got into a heated argument with Rishabh out of nowhere after the task. 
Things started turning ugly as the entire house teamed up against Mandana and Rishbah following the task which was won by the duo’s team. The win secured the two from the nominations next week, while Prince Narula is directly nominated as he headed the task on behalf of his team and lost the game. 
It would now be interesting to see what more will come from these participants in order to stay in the limelight in this season of Bigg Boss.