What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens in the Bigg Boss house travels faster than fire. The house which needed pep talk from Salman Khan up until two weeks ago has changed drastically. With the TRPs going down, the superstar host scolded the inmates for not being entertaining enough.
Calling them one big happy family, Salman Khan whined about the actors boring the audience with their perfect goody-two-shoes images. Things from that moment on started going uphill. Too uphill at that too!
The inmates in order to get more footage have managed to convert every menial task into a controversy. 
Manadana Karimi with her candid responses is the subject of wrath from nearly every other competitor. Adding further insult to it is Salman’s apparent bias towards her. 
Prince Narula, who entered with the intention of winning hearts, has successfully managed to win quite a few enemies.
Rochelle Rao and Prince, who were once thick friends, are constantly seen passing snarky comments towards each other. 
The docile Rimmi Sen isn’t so docile anymore either. On close observation, it is clearly visible that she is intimidated by Suyyash Rai and his girlfriend. Therefore she tries to steer clear of their motives and paths. 
Suyyash might not be a good competitor or an actor but is definitely a decent boyfriend in the house and eats every word fed by his girlfriend. Following his footsteps is the “heart-winner” Prince, with his puppy dog devotion towards Kishwar.
Gone are the days when Aman Verma showed his rationality. With Mandana and Rochelle supporting him, Aman has now taken the role of the biggest manipulator who keeps on gushing about his fairness.
If all this wasn’t enough to nearly make the make audience ‘weep’, Rishabh Sinha, the wild card entry fused away faster than a Chinese bulb. The man clearly has no opinion on any issue in the house and spends his day doting over Mandana or Digangana, both of whom are uninterested in returning his affections.
There is a strong need for these actors to live up to the standards set by previous seasons. If this doesn’t happen soon enough, Viacom might have to put Salman Khan in the house too! Best of luck Bigg Boss 9!

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