James Bond is everybody’s favourite but not Daniel Craig’s certainly. With Daniel Craig starring as James Bond in the James Bond flicks for the fourth time, it looks like Craig has had enough of James Bond.

As his film ‘Spectre’ hits the theatre, Daniel Craig is not sure about whether he wants to be “Shaken, not stirred” 007.

In an interview Daniel Craig said, “I love the family I worked with but I need six months to think about something else.”

With the large fan following Craig enjoys for the role of the British spy, Hollywood is going to have a tough time finding a new face for the next Bond film.

The love affair between Craig and Bond films started in 2006 with ‘Casino Royale.’ Two years after he was ‘bondified’ again for ‘Quantum of Solace.’ 2012 ‘Skyfall’ made Craig the highest paid actor James Bond star.

Now the 2015 ‘Spectre’ has already gained a lot of popularity in India by the order of Censor board to shorten its long kissing scenes.

What remains to be seen is that whether ‘Spectre’ is going to be Daniel’s last Bond film?